This tax filing season

An important point to note is that while you can file your taxes anytime after the beginning of the year, the IRS will not process any returns (paper or electronic) until IRS e-file goes live. As always taxes are due by April 15th (or nearest business day if on weekend), though requesting an extension until October should not be that difficult to obtain for most tax payers. The IRS also reiterated that filing your taxes electronically is the most accurate way to file a tax return and the fastest way to get a refund.

Call 817-851-1040 for hours of operation

IRS E-file to go live, allowing submission of electronic tax returns for the vast majority of tax filers. Paper tax returns will begin processing from this date as well.
W-2 Deadline
Date by which you should have received a W-2 from employers you worked for during the tax year. If not, contact their HR/Payroll department to resend tax documents.
Last Day to File
*Tax Day* Last day for filing federal & state income tax returns and extension requests.
Extensions Deadline

Filing aTax Amendment
Filing a tax amendment. You can file an amended or previous year return anytime, but you have a deadline of 3 years from the original due date to claim any tax refund.

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